castle moliseOne of Italy's lesser-known regions, Molise is not only the youngest of the 20 regions but also remains undiscovered by many Italians. The region boasts unspoiled landscapes and hearty shepherd cuisine, with pristine beaches, snow-capped mountains, and a picturesque coastline peppered with fortresses. Moreover, it rivals Pompeii in its charm but without the bustling crowds.

Molise offers a range of traditional dishes, including its most popular street food, Pampanella. This baked pork fillet is seasoned with garlic, hot and sweet chili peppers, and is a must-try for visitors. Another classic dish is Pezzata, a tender lamb shoulder served with potatoes and tomatoes. Torcinelli, sausages filled with sheep liver, are also a local specialty, along with Caciocavallo, a cheese tied with a knot and hung from a cord. For pasta lovers, Fusilli with lamb ragù is a delicious Molisano classic, while Cavatelli with broccoli and chili is another popular dish worth trying.