tipsTop five questions that you want to be sure to be able to ask when visiting Italy:

  1. Dov’e’ il bagno? = Where is the bathroom?  You can substitute words like ATM or museum (museo). 
  2. Mi scusi, mi puo aiutare?  = Can you help me?  This is a good way to approach someone that you intend to ask about directions.
  3. Quanto costa? = How much does it cost?  Nice when ordering a bottle of wine or purchasing something in a store.
  4. Che cosa mi consiglia?  = What do you recommend?  It is often worthwhile to ask this of your waiter or waitress.
  5. C’e’ un centro commerciale nelle vicinanze?  Is there a shopping center nearby? You can substitute words like pharmacy (farmacia), restaurant (ristorante). 

I find these to be good questions to carry on a piece of paper in your pocket as they can each be adapted to cover a variety of uses.