Hard to believe it was three years ago when life on this planet changed…probably forever. For all intents and purposes, COVID-19 forced the unprecedented lockdown of the world. Consequently, the Board of Directors of the Dante Alighieri Society found itself in a difficult position. People wanted/needed an outlet, a diversion, a sense of normalcy. But how could we make that happen for our members? Along with millions of others, we discovered this innovation I refer to as “remote connectivity”. In our case it was ZOOM. Utilizing this tool, the Society continued its monthly cultural meetings, Italian Heritage Month offerings and monthly Board meetings. And we survived! Now that we’re able to meet face-to-face again, we continue to bring you interesting and innovative get- togethers. April’s presentation looks at the battle between two Florentine churches for the naming of the city’s patron saint. May 7 is the annual Awards Luncheon. And plans are already in place for the rest of the year. However, we are always open to ideas for future programs. So, if you would like to hear about some topic, or would like to present on a topic, don’t hesitate to let us know. Through thick and thin we have been here for you and will continue to be so in the future.

John Giardino, President

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: La prima domenica

April 2nd, at 9:00 a.m. at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church Parish Hall, 3549 Navajo Street, Denver. The Dante Society is once again sponsoring the breakfast following the Mass. Help will be needed before and after the Mass.


Join us at the April 14 cultural program for an intriguing presentation by University of Denver art history professor Scott B. Montgomery: “The Battle for the Soul of Florence in Dante’s Time: San Giovanni and San Miniato al Monte.” Dr. Montgomery will examine the competition between the Baptistery of San Giovanni (Saint John the Baptist) and the Abbey of San Miniato al Monte for holy patronage of Florence during Dante’s era. The Baptistery claimed authority through close civic association between Saint John the Baptist and Florence. The Abbey claimed that San Miniato (Saint Minias), who was Florence’s only Early Christian martyr, should be the city’s patron saint because the Abbey possessed the saint’s relics. During Dante’s years in Florence in the 13th and 14th centuries, both churches were ornamented with mosaics, sculpture, and painting to bolster their claim to holy patronage of the city. Dr. Montgomery will describe these artworks in the context of the holy dialogue and competition for status as patron saint of Florence.


Our next cooking class with chef Adam Giardino, will take place on Saturday April 22. Now that Spring has arrived, the flavor of the class is Primavera, with the following menu:

Antipasto: Artichoke and Heirloom Tomato Salad served in a Crispy Prosciutto Bowl Filled with a whipped Italian Herb Ricotta Cheese.
Primo: Pork Tenderloin Baked in an Italian Bread Loaf with Roasted Garlic, Fresh Rosemary and Thyme, Served with a Cold Pastina, Green Pea and Radicchio Salad.
Dolce: Basil and Fresh Fruit Salad alongside a Caramel Biscotti Cake.

Space is limited to 10 people so register early.  REGISTER NOW


March 31 is the deadline to renew membership to the Dante Alighieri Society for 2023. The membership list will be updated the first week in April. Kindly renew now or your name will be deleted from the roster.

The Dante Alighieri Society of Denver announces its 2023 Donne di Merito Award Recipients:

The Dante Alighieri Society of Denver has long acknowledged the contributions and achievements of Italian and Italian-American women to society as a whole. In March 2023, we selected two Donne di merito (women of merit) who have demonstrated outstanding accomplishments that have contributed to the promotion, maintenance and preservation of Italian culture. Our Contemporary Award winner is Rosalie Galasso Caputo and our Historical Award winner is Sister Blandina Segale.

Rosalie Caputo 2Rosalie Caputo has been dedicated to the teaching of the Italian language and culture for most her adult life as well as being active in numerous Italian-American cultural organizations in Colorado. She began her teaching career in 1981 in high schools in Pueblo, Colorado, teaching Italian and French at both South High School and Centennial High School until June of 2007. She served on the faculty of Colorado State University-Pueblo as an Adjunct Professor of Italian from 2007-2012. After relocating to Denver in 2012, she taught Italian at the Italian Institute of Denver in 2013 as well as teaching an after school Italian language program to elementary school children at Slavens Elementary School.

Rosalie Caputo 1In August of 2014, she was recommended by the Dante Alighieri Society of Denver for a teaching position in Italian at the Montessori School in Evergreen. She continues in that position today and has had great success introducing Middle School students to the joys of Italian language and culture. Rosalie, with her husband Silvio, are members of the Dante Alighieri Society where they have given a number of cultural presentations on the history of early Italian immigrants in Southern Colorado. Rosalie has also presented a program about her teaching in the Montessori system and the accomplishments of her young students. In addition to her membership in the DAS of Denver, she is a member of the Sons and Daughters of Italy and the Italian American Business Association. She worked actively in a number of Italian-American organizations in Pueblo.

Sister Blandina Segale DASCourtesy of the Palace of the Governors Photo Archives (NMHM/DCA), negative no. 067735 Sister Blandina was born Rosa Maria Segale January 24, 1850 in Ciagna, a little mountain town near Genoa. When she was four, her family emigrated to the United States and settled in Cincinnati, Ohio. At sixteen she entered the Sisters of Charity and professed her vows in 1868. Six years after starting her service as a teacher in schools in Ohio, she was sent, alone, over the Santa Fe Trail to Trinidad in the Colorado Territory in 1872 to teach in the public school. One of her first actions was to fight against the common practice of lynching. In 1877, she moved to Santa Fe where she served in the schools, orphanage, and hospital operated by the Sisters of Charity. She also served in Albuquerque, where she taught and opened a Wayfarers’ House and became a defender of Native Americans and Mexicans. She returned to Trinidad in 1889 and also spent a short time in Pueblo, Colorado before returning to Ohio in 1897, where she and her sister, now Sister Justine, worked with the Italian immigrant community. She died in February 1941 at the age of 91. In her life in the West, Sister had many adventures which she kept in a diary so she could share it with her sister. The diary, At the End of the Santa Fe Trail, was published in 1948. The diary has become material for novels, histories, television and even a comic book. Sister Blandina’s cause for Canonization has been received by the Vatican and she now bears the title Servant of God.



VIP ReceptionVIP Reception – Some of the Dante Alighieri Society Board Members

Gala NightGala night. Left to right: Anne Trujillo, (channel 7 news) Barb Beckner (Board Chair), Suzanne Fasing, and Sister Lydia Pena

mother cabrini awardMother Cabrini 2022 Colorado Women Hall of Fameaward acceptJohn Giardino, Suzanne Fasing and Sister Alice ZanonDuring Women’s History Month in March, there were two festive occasions for Mother Cabrini’s induction into the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame upon her nomination by the Dante Alighieri Society of Denver. On March 14, Board Members of the Society attended a VIP reception hosted by the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame. At a fabulous Gala on March 15 attended by more than 830 people, Board Member Suzanne Fasing accepted the award given to Mother Cabrini. Board President John Giardino and representatives from the Cabrini Shrine in Golden joined in the celebration. Mother Cabrini, who was an immigrant from Italy, worked tirelessly as a missionary nun for 28 years to assist immigrants, children, and the poor in Colorado, throughout the United States. and in many other countries, establishing 67 schools, orphanages, hospitals and social service agencies. Mother Cabrini’s recognition by the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame spreads her legacy to a wider audience.


 Please join us for an exquisite celebration of excellence at the Annual Awards Luncheon where we will be presenting the 2023 Donne di Merito Awards and scholarships to deserving college students who plan to study in Italy. This highly-anticipated annual event will take place at the Mount Vernon Canyon Club Colorado, and will feature a plated luncheon followed by the awards presentation. This event is a hallmark of our annual calendar and embodies the goals and mission we strive to promote in our community. We look forward to welcoming you to this exceptional occasion.  REGISTER NOW


The Dante Alighieri Society’s 10-week spring session of in-person Italian language classes begins the week of March 27. The summer session of classes will start in June, and registration will be available on the Society website in mid-May. Information will also be provided in the Notiziario. The classes are taught by experienced and talented bi-lingual teachers, and include beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes. Each class meets for 90 minutes, once a week in the parish office of Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church, 3549 Navajo Street, Denver.  Cost is $115 for members and $145 for non-members. New members are welcome to join the Dante Alighieri Society when they register for classes. Please register early because classes do fill up. For more information, please contact the Education Chair Suzanne Fasing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. LEARN MORE


tonya clement 2tonya clement 1A big thank-you to Tonya Clement for an exhilarating presentation at the March cultural meeting. She took us to the heights of Mt. Everest through her eyes as the 20th US woman to have reached the summit. We followed her challenges and successes “up close and personal” and enjoyed an informative Q & A. It was a fitting celebration of International Women’s Day 2023.


The Dante Alighieri Society of Denver gives a warm welcome to the following new members:

Katie Baxt, Taylor Benson, Mara Clucas, John DeGrado, Virginia D’Orazio, Lupe Elias, Joseph Elio, Debi Frazier, Jacob Grasso, Jeff Haas, Natalie Kirkpatrick, Igor Krnjajic, Joseph Liberatore, Ellie Losasso, Lauren and Kris McKissack, Beatriz Mendes, Tanisha and Peter Palermo, Lauren Pollema, Marina Buswell, Julia Rentfren, Blake San Fellipo, Hannah Seely, John Todesco, and Anthony Verducci.


Hospitality Chairperson Camilla Marcantonio would like to thank the members who provided refreshments for the celebration of International Women’s Day at the March cultural meeting. If you would like to contribute to our gatherings in this way, please email Camilla at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


vaticanThe agreement between the Vatican and the Dante Society has been renewed once again for the year 2023.   It allows members to visit the museums at a lower price and get in front of the long lines simply by presenting the Dante Society membership card. The cost to visit the Museums is approximately 16 euros per person, and 1 euro if you decide to purchase the Art and Faith DVD on the Treasures of the Vatican.   The Dante membership card may be obtained by contacting Rhonda Hopkins at 720-596-4169, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Gianfranco Marcantonio at 303-494-3080 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For additional privileges for Dante members while in Italy, please visit the following site: CLICK HERE


The following was sent by David Piacenti of the Colorado Rockies: “This year's IABF Heritage Night at Coors Field is set for Saturday, July 29th (6:10 first pitch) and the link below is live. We will have a pregame reception on the Rooftop (printable flyer forthcoming), and will all be located on the first base side, upper deck, which are great seats for the price ($21 each before the fees and taxes).  I will send the flyers for posting as soon as I receive it from Rockies Group Sales.” For additional information CLICK HERE


  • Flat tax for all? The Italian Government approved changes to the tax system as it moves ahead with plans for a flat tax for all employees by 2027.
  • House prices rising in Italy. After an uncertain forecast, Italy has recorded the biggest jump in housing prices for more than a decade.
  • 50,000 march against Italian mafia. Hundreds of bereaved relatives joined a march that culminated in front of Milan’s Duomo, some carrying photos of their dead loved ones, and many still waiting for justice.
  • Starbucks, the American coffee chain is set to open a three-story outlet in Rome’s historic center in
  • Italian cities of Venice and Milan are planning to crack down on Airbnb.



April 14
June 9


Prima Domenica – April 2
May 7 – Awards Luncheon


Spring term begins 27 March, 2023



movie lovers

University of Colorado in Boulder – April 6 -22, 2013 – Free of charge

Thursday, April 6 • 6:00 p.m. • Visual Arts Complex 1B20
Director, Leonardo D'Agostini, Comedy/Drama, 2019, 105 min.

Saturday, April 8 • 6:00 p.m. • Eaton Humanities 150
Director, Stefano Mordini, Drama, 2018, 102 min.
Film Sponsor: Department of Media Studies

Sunday, April 9 • 6:00 p.m. • Eaton Humanities 150
Director, Davide Del Degan, Comedy, 2019, 83 min.
Film Sponsor: Department of Cinema Studies and Moving Image Arts

Thursday, April 20 • 6:00 p.m. • Visual Arts Complex 1B20
Director, Enrico Cerasuolo, Documentary, 2019, 60 min.
Film Sponsor: Department of French and Italian

Friday, April 21 • 6:00 p.m. • Visual Arts Complex 1B20
Director, Francesco Mandelli, Drama, 2018, 100 min.

Saturday, April 22 • 6:00 p.m. • Eaton Humanities 150
Director, Nunzia De Stefano, Drama, 2019, 86 min.

University of Denver - Sponsored by Anna and John J. Sie Foundation

April 19, 2023 4-6 p.m., at Sie Film Center 2510 E. Colfax, Denver, CO. 80206

War in Arts, Films, and Digital Media – Free of Charge

Join the Italian filmmaker, Antonio Falduto, DU Journalism Professor at the Dept. of Media, Film and Journalism Studies, Kareem El Damanhoury, and DU Art Historian and Professor at the School of Art and Art History, Scott Montgomery, for a presentation on war in the arts, film, and digital media. This timely presentation will focus on the unique challenge artists and filmmakers face when depicting war, and how extremist groups like ISIS weaponize war representations. Clips from relevant films will be shared. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19 4-6PM*; SIE FILMCENTER.

CLICK HERE to Register.

The Dante Alighieri Society of Denver strives to share and celebrate
the richness of the Italian culture and language with the entire community.