We are pleased to announce that we will once again be awarding scholarships to five excellent students at our annual Awards Luncheon, to be held May 7 at 12:00 noon at the Mt. Vernon Canyon Club Colorado. At this time, we will also honor the recipients of the 2023 Donne di Merito Award. Our Contemporary Award winner is Rosalie Galasso Caputo and our Historical Award winner is Sister Blandina Segale. If you have not yet registered, please do so on our website:   Click on “Spring Awards Luncheon” under Upcoming Events. The event will begin with a social time from 12:00 to 12:30, followed by a musical program presented by coloratura soprano Darcy Naugle from 12:30 to 1:00, after which luncheon will be served. Recognition of our Donne di Merito winners and presentation of scholarships will complete this event which is the highlight of the activities and the mission of our Society.


You’re a “plugger” if you remember Stephen Foster’s old tune, The Merry, Merry Month of May. Whether age or memory, I have to admit I don’t remember the song either. Be that as it may, May is here, and the Dante Alighieri Society will be providing the merriment with its traditional Awards Luncheon on May 7. For the twenty-seventh year in a row the DAS will be awarding scholarships to deserving college students who will be studying in Italy. And for the third year in a row, it will be honoring the accomplishments of two different Italian/Italian-American women, one historical and one contemporary, with its Donne di Merito award. I encourage you to join the celebration that has become one of the most anticipated, enjoyable and significant events of the year. Deadline for registration is April 29 so, for more information and to register for the celebration, go to our website, Spero di vedervi li! As always, you can contact me via our website if you have any questions. Grazie

John Giardino, President


We are still dreaming of the dessert we made for the April 22 cooking class.  Biscotti dipped in orange juice, zest and sugar smothered in hazelnut whipped cream was absolutely delicious.  It was accompanied by a fruit salad with basil.  Chef Adam Giardino always creates something new for us to make such as the crispy prosciutto cups filled with herbed ricotta cheese and topped with a tomato and artichoke salad.  The pork roast was cooked on top of Italian bread and served with a homemade pastina and radicchio salad.   Bravo Adam!


We thank Professor Scott Montgomery for his enlightening program on medieval art in Florence at our April cultural meeting. We were entertained by his enthusiastic presentation and learned many aspects about Italian art that will make our next visit to Dante’s home town much more meaningful. We are fortunate that Professor Montgomery has agreed to do a future program for our Society on the gorgeous mosaics in Ravenna, which no one should miss.


The Dante Alighieri Society is currently offering the 10-week Spring session of Italian language classes, which began the week of March 27. The Summer session of Italian language classes, beginning in June 2023, will be in-person language classes at 3549 Navajo Street, Denver 80211 in the parish office of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church. Each class meets for 90 minutes, once a week, for 10 weeks. Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes will be offered.  The class schedule will be posted on the Society website in mid-May. Classes are taught by talented bi-lingual instructors who have significant experience teaching Italian. Cost is $115 for members and $145 for non-members. New members are welcome to join the Dante Alighieri Society when they register for classes. Please register early because classes do fill up. For more information, please contact the Education Chair Suzanne Fasing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Information about the classes is also available on the web site:


We wish our members a Buon Compleanno during their birthday month.

Erin Hough
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We want to include more members in this column, so please send a quick email, with your birthday month and day, to Dante Society board member, Suzanne Fasing, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     Grazie!


Hospitality Chairperson Camilla Marcantonio would like to thank the members who provided refreshments for the April cultural meeting. If you would like to contribute to our gatherings in this way, please contact Camilla at the following: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The agreement between the Vatican and the Dante Society has been renewed once again for the year 2023. It allows members to visit the museums at a lower price and get in front of the long lines simply by presenting the Dante Society membership card. The cost to visit the Museums is approximately 16 euros per person, and 1 euro if you decide to purchase the Art and Faith DVD on the Treasures of the Vatican. The Dante membership card may be obtained by contacting Rhonda Hopkins at 720-596-4169, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Gianfranco Marcantonio at 303-494-3080 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
For additional privileges for Dante members while in Italy, please visit the following site:

TIPS ON ITALY By Tonya Clement

Hear no Evil, Feel no Evil, Smell no Evil

It has been super fun learning Italian and extremely confusing at the same time. In class I learned that there are some rules that I just need to memorize and not question as doing so will change nothing. Over thinking it will just slow down my ability to learn.  

The verb sentire is one of those things that I just need to accept. This verb has multiple meanings – three to be exact.   It most commonly means to hear or to listen to, feel or to smell. It is really not difficult to interpret if you pay attention to the context in which the word is being used. For example, if someone says, “Mi senti bene?” (Can you hear me well?) It is highly unlikely you are asking if someone can feel you well. If someone says, “Sento gli uccelli cantare fuori dalla mia finestra.” (I hear the birds singing outside my window). Again, you do not feel the birds but you either hear or listen to the birds. Easy right?

monkeyhearnoPhoto courtesy of Joao TzannoNow let’s use the verb to denote a feeling: Durante l’operazione, non ha sentito niente (During the operation, she did not feel anything). This one could mean during the operation, she did not hear anything but more likely used in this sentence it would translate to feel anything. A better example might be, “L’amore che sento per te e’ forte.” (The love that I feel for you is strong). You do not hear love, you feel love.

Lastly, I will use the verb to express that I smell smoke, “Sento odore di fumo.” Another way to say this this is, “Sento puzza di bruciato.” (I smell something that is burned or burning). Here is a saying that shows two meanings of the verb “sentire”. “Il dolor di denti si sente di piu’ perche’ e’ vicino alle orecchie”. This cannot be rendered in English.

So, context is king. When it comes to Italian, do not jump to a conclusion right away. Listen to the entire sentence before deciding the meaning.


  • Sapienza University of Rome Named World’s Best in Classical Studies.   When in Rome … it’s best to study the humanities. La Sapienza University in the Italian capital has been confirmed as the best in the world in the area of Classical Studies and Ancient History for the third consecutive year in the annual QS rankings. (We The Italians)
  • Italy puts up cuisine for UNESCO list. The Italian government is putting up Italian cuisine as this year’s candidate to join the UNESCO list of tangible cultural heritage. (We The Italians)
  • Italy’s government wants to restrict use of English words. Under plans to “defend national identity”, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's party has proposed fines of up to €100,000 for businesses that use English words instead of Italian ones. (Global News)
  • Bottled Water from Italy Named Best in the World. Smeraldina artesian water, available at gourmet grocers in the United States, was named best water in the world in a recent global blind-tasting contest. (Italia mia)
  • Italy is expecting biggest summer on record. Tourism is set to be off the charts this summer, with a record number of travelers heading to Europe especially. Americans in particular are looking to visit some of Europe’s most popular destinations, with countries such as Italy and Spain bracing for record crowds this year. (Travel off Path)
  • Driving penalties in Italy. Be alert of speed cameras, restricted traffic zones and parking in the wrong areas that can all land you with a hefty fine while driving on Italy's roads. (The Local)
  • Italy’s bid for Expo candidacy. Rome has put forward its candidacy to host the Expo 2030 world fair with an impressive drone show titled “Humanlands” over the Colosseum. The show will feature 500 drones showcasing examples of Italy’s cultural heritage. (We The Italians)


By the Department of French and Italian of the University of Colorado and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Chicago:

Join us for a screening of the 1911 silent film Dante’s Inferno with live jazz accompaniment by Maestro Stefano Maccagno, on piano, and Furio De Castri, on double bass. Maestro Stefano Maccagno is one of the creators and performers of Inferno 1911, an itinerant CineConcert based on the 1911 silent film L'Inferno.

Monday May 1. 6:30 (light reception). 7:30 screening
Chancellor’s Hall and Auditorium, 4th Floor Case Building (1725 Euclid Avenue)
Free and open to the public, parking available in the Case Building


The following was sent by the Rockies: “This year's IABF Heritage Night at Coors Field is set for Saturday, July 29th (6:10 first pitch) and the link below is live. We will have a pregame reception on the Rooftop (printable flyer forthcoming), and will all be located on the first base side, upper deck, which are great seats for the price ($21 each before the fees and taxes).  We will send the flyers for posting as soon as we receive them from Rockies Group Sales.” For additional information see:



 June 9 - Movie night


 May 7 Awards Luncheon


 Spring session begins in June



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