Italian Lending Library

The Dante Alighieri Society of Denver
has an extensive "Member Only" lending library.

The Society encourages its members to borrow library items simply for enjoyment at home or to learn more about the Italian culture, the wonderful variety of cooking and the many regions of Italy.

 Our Lending Library includes:

  • Movies - Comedies, Dramas, Romance…
  • Music - Classical, Folk, Opera…
  • Art, Literature and History on DVD
  • Travel - Regions, Traditions, Celebrations…




Using the Lending Library is simple:

  1. Select the desired Title from the Lending Library list
  2. Use our form "Borrow An Item" to submit your request
    1. Requests must be made 1 week in advance
  3. You will receive an email or phone call for pickup and return arrangements
  4. Pick up your Item and enjoy
  5. Return your item
    1. Thank you for the prompt return of your item


A special note on the DVD-PAL system.

Some of the items available are in the DVD-PAL format and will not play on a standard US DVD Player.

If you would like to avoid the cost of buying a DVD player that supports the PAL format there are several software programs that will provide the ability to play these formats from your notebook or desktop computer.

Here are two good options that provide this ability for free:

Please NOTE: We “DO NOT” provide any support for these software products!