On Sunday, May 2, 2021, the annual Awards Luncheon took place at the Mount Vernon Canyon Club.  The nearly eighty people in attendance enjoyed the opportunity to interact with our award winners, an entertaining musical performance by Angela Mendez, a prominent actress and singer in the Denver area, and a sumptuous meal.

A heartfelt “Thank You” goes to all who have contributed to the Dante Scholarship Fund.  This most important part of the Society could not continue without your support.

scholarship 2022

President John Giardino, scholarship winner Claire Steffek (will study in Torino), Phil Fiore son of historical recipient of Donne di Merito, Genevieve Fiore, scholarship winner Isabella Rizzo (will study in Perugia), Roberta Waldbaum recipient of the contemporary Donne di Merito award, scholarship co-chair Veronica Goodrich, Father Hugh Guentner, Pamela Marcantonio scholarship co-chair, and Susan Gurule chair of Donne di Merito awards.